Terra Singer


Terra Singer, knew from a young age that she aspired to do something in the creative field and follow in her mother’s, founder Robin Strickler, footsteps. As President at Design Works, Terra is able to experience the same dedication, joy, and fulfillment that her mother has for so many years. She plays a key role at Design Works – overseeing design and operations. Terra partners with clients on all aspects of design development while collaborating with talented industry professionals to create the perfect space.  

Her design aesthetic is heavily influenced by her time living and working in New York City in the luxury fashion industry, as well as her travels to Europe over the years for Fashion Week. Fashion and interiors have a strong correlation in terms of trends, colors, and aesthetics, which play a key role in forecasting up and coming design trends and staying ahead of the curve to translate beautifully into clients’ homes.  

When Terra is not busy working at Design Works, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her son and traveling.