Luxury Coastal Style Interior Design


The popularity of coastal interior design is in no way limited to homes situated near the coast. It is an aesthetic that features natural materials, like seagrass, rattan, jute, driftwood, seashells, etc., and allows homeowners to experience a breezy and blissful landscape. The home design is airy and open, offering varieties, including a minimalist bohemian coastal vibe and a classic nautical design.

A coastal interior design gravitates towards colors that are lighter, evoking an essence that is cool and free in its nature. The design and layout that would go best with your living space depend on the location as well as your preference. A beachy minimalism coastal interior design is simple and cool with its white walls, layered neutrals, slipcovered couches, and open floor plans. It allows in a lot of natural light through its soft linen treatment of windows.

Mediterranean bliss, on the other hand, has a certain warmth due to its inspiration of Mediterranean terrain and frescoes and sunbaked color palette that contains yellow, lavender, light blue, and rust. Open bookshelves, tile or wide-plank flooring, engraved wall sconces, and terracotta materials all add to its rustic flair. The island living coastal interior design tilts more towards a bohemian nature with Mediterranean-themed rugs, sisal, rattan chairs, and other soft, crisp, light, and warm design elements.

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