Luxury Classic Style Interior Design

A luxury classic house design is extremely rich, balanced, and structured in its finishes, textures, and accessories. The use of modern elements and styles render it highly inviting and comfortable. The classic interior design’s rules are simple and adaptive, offering room for your preferred modern takes.

With a major focus on order and symmetry, styling works around a key focal point. After evaluating the bare structure of the house, a symmetric arrangement of furniture is designed. Mirror images are often incorporated into a luxury classic house design through matching pairs. Furniture with fauna or floral influence, ornate detailing, turned legs, carved, or inlay works best for a luxury classical house design. Similarly, the types of fabrics that go well with it include block colors mixed with stripes, subtle patterns, and texture.

Creating a fusion also works wonders for the design style by mixing traditional items with pieces that are straight-lined. The colors are soft and shy rather than bold and vibrant. Usage of crisp white for detailing and trims and strong patterns of plums and emeralds give a modern and fresh take on the classic style. A feeling of cohesiveness is achieved by a carefully thought-out placement of accessories and artworks. The luxury classic house design by Design Works can make your home an elegant masterpiece that people look up to for inspiration.

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