The Hamptons-style interior design is distinguished by spacious living areas, impressive grandeur, and cool hues. Its luxurious, extravagant holiday vibe is among the best interior design trends. The right combination of sizable furniture, subtle motifs, and opulent design elements perform together to produce a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere.

Decor interiors for the Hamptons focus on emulating the chic yet breezy beach atmosphere. With the appropriate components, every space can radiate the same rich designer excellence. You don’t have to live on Long Island to be able to create a Hamptons-style interior design; you just need the right expertise.

What is Hamptons Style Interior?

The decorative aesthetic of the Hamptons is the pinnacle of coastal design. Inspired by French designers Empire, Rococo, and Baroque, this style gives a delightful beachside luxurious feel. 

Whitewashed walls illuminated by lots of sunlight complemented by chic furniture pieces colored in contrasting shades like white, blue, black, or natural wood to serve as the room’s focal point. Walls are decorated with open shelves showcasing decorative items like books, photo frames, corals, or shells.

The color scheme consists of a mix of sea and Caledon greens, blues, and neutrals, along with comfortable fabrics like calico, natural linen, and cotton featuring textures and patterns like florals, stripes, and hand-blocked designs. 

Beautiful timber flooring adorned with a lightly textured patterned rug gives a feeling of comfort and luxury. Wall and floor tiles are a newer trend you can find in Hamptons-style interiors. Unique and intricately created mirrors are also an essential feature, combined with sheer curtains and silk or wool rugs. 

These interiors are memorable for their vast and extravagant comfort. In fact, big sofas and thick cushions are essential to the Hamptons décor aesthetic. Size is important, but so are quality and quantity. The round curves of loungers and accent pieces give them a luxurious and welcoming appearance. The plush rugs and fluffy throw pillows add to the best understated comfort and luxury of the Hamptons-style interior design. 

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