Modern luxury interior design is all the rage for many homeowners who want to transform their homes. Many people assume that just because the word “luxury” is a part of it, they might have to spend a fortune renovating their homes to achieve a luxurious aesthetic for their homes.

How well do you understand the concept of modern luxury interior design? Today, we will explain some of the elements and design styles that comprise modern luxury interiors to help you make a more informed decision for your home’s interior design needs.

What Is The Modern Luxury Interior Design Style and Elements?

This design style is a concept derived from modernism. Modernism is a fuss-free approach to life. Modernism is an uncluttered and sleeker style that began in the late 19th century. The design style incorporates various color palettes, furniture arrangements, styles, and decorative details.

With this interior design style, sometimes less can be more, or more can be more. It is more about choosing the right interior design elements and curating them to transform your home’s interior design. Some of the crucial elements of this design style include:

1. The Color Palette

The overall color palette in modern interior design incorporates various elegant colors like beige, brown, black, gray, white, and brown. You can also combine it with more regal colors like teal, purple, red, and rose gold. Envisioning a good color scheme can help you identify the rest of the elements necessary to achieve the modern contemporary luxe you want for your home.

2. The Materials

Your choice of material matters in modern luxe interior design. Velvet and satin are fabrics associated with luxury and royalty. Combine them with the right prints on linen, silk, cotton, and good faux leather to create a more luxurious look for your house. The use of natural stone and solid wood might be out of budget for some homeowners, but there are various alternatives that can achieve the same look without breaking the bank.

3. Furniture

Modern luxury design is more minimal, cleaner, and decluttered. Geometric shapes, sleeker designs, and minimalism in the furniture you buy for your home can complement the other modern design elements in your home and transform the interior design to achieve the luxe aesthetic you want to go for.

4. Modern Lighting Solutions

Statement lighting solutions like drop pendants and minimal chandeliers can help you achieve the ambiance you want by illuminating the spaces in your house and adding an interesting focal point.

5. Decorative Ornamental Items

Ornaments like minimalist artworks from Etsy, tiny vases, or display books that follow or complement the overall color theme are also important elements in modern luxury interior design that can revitalize your home and make it a more luxurious space.

Renovating your home’s existing interior or reworking it from scratch to achieve a modern luxury interior can be fun, exciting, and within your budget. If you are looking for experienced interior designers who can help you achieve the modern luxury aesthetic you are going for, consider reaching out to us. The experts at Design Works will be happy to help you achieve your vision for a modern and luxurious home.